Date: 2006-03-15 03:15 am (UTC)
You've gotten a lot of sympathy from others here, so I'll play Devil's advocate for a moment and hope you'll forgive me later for a less sympathetic point of view. :)

You've been (sometimes) publishing very personal information about yourself (usually) in an unsecured way on the web. Perhaps you chose to ask indexing sites not to index your journal (not all of them honor this request), but other than that you often took no other steps to keep information about you from being disseminated in the widest possible fashion.

I'm not sure what expectations you had that random, desirable/friendly people might find your journal while random, undesirable/unfriendly people would not. In four years, I doubt that this is the first undesirable person to discover your journal; he was just tactless enough to mention it to you rather than just quietly keep reading.

Even if he read the entirety of your journal (minus protected posts), he still hasn't read anything that you didn't explicitly give him permission to read (by publishing the information online). It is you who published your journal, not him.

So, yes, your colleague is indeed not a very nice person for flaunting his possession of information; I do not dismiss his transgression, but let's be clear that his transgression was not in the reading of your journal.
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