Date: 2006-03-15 07:40 am (UTC)
Wow! That sucks. I don't really do friends-only, but I do screen comments because of some annoying people who either spam comment or get nasty about about political beliefs.

I recently had a IRL stalker. I'm a Realtor with a Re/Max agency in NJ. Re/Max Realtors pay for all their own advertising, and sicne I do that I also use my photo in my ads. Apparently this guy saw an ad I ran and started sending me love notes. It turns out he stalks Realtors. He's harmless in the fact he's in a mental health facility, but he still has access to newspapers and mail. It was creepy to receive a love note that was so obviously from someone not wrapped too tightly.

Good luck with your co-worker. I might suggest, trying to trap him. Post something you know he won't be able to resist mentioning to you, then you'll know if he definitely reads your journal or is just a psycho stalking you outside of work.

Um, that was meant to be comforting. I don't know if it will be. Sorry. I'm not good at the comforting thing lately. It always comes across wrong.

Have a drink and relax. Take care.
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